Whither the world – and with it the world of the Fine Wine?

In this time of rapid change, Fine Minds 4 Fine Wines brings together global experts, influencers and deep thinkers inside and outside the wine world to a dedicated forum to think about the next decade, share understandings of the challenges and opportunities to come, build new definitions of luxury and shape the future of fine wine.

The inaugural edition of this unique Think Tank took place on Friday 16 - Saturday 17 June 2017 at La Verrière – 84110 Crestet (near Avignon, France), home to Chêne Bleu wines.

We are delighted with the level of expertise and commitment garnered from the first edition, and as a result we are developing ideas for FM4FW 2.0. Watch this space for more information soon.

Think – Share

Build – Shape

Join us as we will work together to map out a future for Fine Wine through the maze of evolving lifestyles, new definitions of luxury, generational disconnects, tech breakthroughs, changing climate, new economic paradigms and shifting geopolitics.

A unique opportunity to step out of our busy lives and come together around bigger questions in the company of some of the greatest thinkers in their fields.

The Roundtables in question.

Elizabeth Linder

Elizabeth Linder

ELIZABETH LINDER – The Conversational Century – Founder – UK Elizabeth began her meteoric career at Google and YouTube in 2007, and was approached by Facebook in 2008. She worked…

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Take a peek at the wonderful bottles opened over the course of the weekend, follow the Mistral-challenged bunny saga, and get an idea of the event atmosphere by browsing our selection of the best pictures.

For public use or high resolution pictures, please contact pauline@fm4fw.org