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-15% earlybirds tickets available until 1st June


ANNUAL GOLD MEMBERSHIP – Winemaker & Négociant 960 € + 3 bottles of Fine Wine -> 816 € + 3 bottles of Fine Wine

Gives full access to the entire event including the VIP dinner+ full access to FM4FW reports, publications and Resource Center


ANNUAL SILVER MEMBERSHIP – Winemaker & Négociant 420 € + 3 bottles of Fine Wine -> 357 € + 3 bottle of Fine Wine

Gives access to all event excluding the collective workshops and VIP dinner + full access to FM4FW reports, publications and Resource Center.

FM4FW Earlybirds tickets - until 1st June

The memberships fees and ticket prices do not include accommodation, transfers and other expenses.

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Take part in the only forum that brings together in a think tank format top global experts, influencers and critical thinkers from both inside and outside the Fine Wine world - from the most renowned journalists, scientists and industry leaders to policy-makers, financiers and technology experts.

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Estate visits, collective workshops, conferences, lunches and dinners are only available to FM4FW members.

By becoming a member, you not only gain access to the Think Tank core and raison d’être, a vast wealth of reports, publications and wine resources, you also become involved in our community and take part in the changes along with a network of highly interesting, like-minded individuals who share their will to act and their love of wine.

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