Genesis of the project

Nicole Rolet is a winegrower in the Rhône Valley in the south of France. She founded FM4FW with the following ethos:

“In light of the 10th birthday of our estate, Chêne Bleu, I got thinking about how much had happened to us in the last decade, how far we had come, and where we want to go from here. Then I realized I had to think about where the Fine Wine world is headed. The obvious segue is where the world itself is headed this decade: scenarios for shifting geopolitics, mixed-message economics, trends in tech, millennial perspectives, perceptions of luxury andevolutionsin lifestyle. There’s an opportunity and an obligation not just to speculate about the future but also to lean in and work together to effect change and shape some positive outcomes. “

Passionate and fully committed to the cause of Fine Wines and her local grape hero Grenache, Nicole co- founded The Grenache Symposium in 2010, dedicated to the grape variety. The event gathered 270 participants from 33 different countries. Actions taken during the symposium have shaped the future of the grape variety ever since, and led to the creation of the International Grenache Association, G-Day, G-Night, G-Tech, and many other initiatives. These have been credited with elevating the profile of grenache, which recently catapulted from 12th to 5th position as the most desired grape variety among wine consumers.