Will Harlan

Will Harlan
Will Harlan

WILL HARLAN – Promontory Wines- California
Will Harlan is the son of Bill Harlan, founder of Harlan Estate, located in the western hills of Oakville, California.
Harlan Estate has been described as “the ultimate cult winery”, “one of the ten best wines of the twentieth century” and has been shaping the definition of Californian Fine Wines.
Will actively works with his father on their latest project “Promontory wines”:
“When I first came upon the land that would become Promontory, its untamed ruggedness was a surprise — quite different from anything I had encountered in the Napa Valley. This wild place, overlooked for most of the 20th century, emanated a power and a mystery and an undefinable allure.
It wasn’t until the first decade of the 21st century that we had the good fortune of acquiring the unmarked territory. This was the beginning of a new era, a time of exploration and discovery led by the next generation.”
The fact that it’s Will taking charge is also a reminder that part of the Napa First Growth strategy pursued by Harlan is the creation of a ‘200 year plan’, how the generational shift is key to understanding Promontory.