Friday 16th June – Apéritif and dinner

Art, Philosophy, Nature and Time, exploring the essence of Fine Wine

FM4FW will open with a late afternoon series of events on Friday 16th, all building bridges between Fine Wines and different forms of art, from modern sculpture to poetry, food and music.
There will also be a private event featuring off-the-record discussions, with an emphasis on the history and objectives of Chêne Bleu.

Saturday 17th June

Think – Share – Build – Shape

Each roundtable will be led by one of our Fine Minds, following a format that enhances creativity and breakthroughs in ideas.

Roundtable 1:

Roundtable 2:

Roundtable 3:

Roundtable 4:

Roundtable 5:

Roundtable 6:

Roundtable 7:

Define Fine Wine Lunch

Every attendee is invited to bring a bottle of Fine Wine and tell the group why it is worthy of the ‘Fine’ designation. We will collect all the guests’ stories and write our own definition(s) of Fine Wine.


Following efficient restitution formats, the Saturday afternoon will be the perfect opportunity to benefit from everybody’s work and be sure not to miss any Fine Ideas.
We will close the day by putting together an action plan, giving each attendee the opportunity to act.