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Defining Fine Wine, now and for the future, is not an easy thing. There are many considerations, many competing visions, and many potential outcomes. We believe that understanding this notion is an essential starting point for carrying on the mission of FM4FW, and for providing a global overview that will be the basis of further work and ongoing discussions.

Led in partnership with the delegates at the inaugural FM4FW Think Tank and other qualified contributors who shared their views, this white paper aims to bring together the vision of journalists, winemakers, retailers, sommeliers, marketing and technology companies, and customers from around the world, to better understand the complex dynamics of the fine wine industry and lead it into the future for decades to come.

Define Fine Wine White Paper

Global event report

Graphic recording of the workshop by Caroline Chapple.

The 6 forces driving the future of Fine Wines

Disruption in the world of Grands Crus - a presentation by Pauline Vicard & Nicole Rollet


“The report encapsulates the opportunities over the coming years. But it also deals with the challenges that need to be faced down for that future to come about” David William, The World of Fine Wine

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