The roundtables in question

Roundtable 1: A bird’s-eye view

– What is our current definition of Fine Wine?
– How has the world of Fine Wines evolved in the last ten years?
– What would or should that world of Fine Wine look like a decade from now? – In that world, who would drink Fine Wines and how?

Roundtable 2: A winemaker’s review

– From wine production to new marketing techniques, what will the biggest challenges be for tomorrow’s Fine-Wine maker?
– What are the issues that a Fine-Wine maker has to face in order to live up to its quality standard and ethos?
– How will the world of Fine Wine benefit from a new generation of winemakers?
– Crowd funding, crowd sourcing, pair-rating apps; how do they affect the winery’s business model?

Roundtable 3: Fine Wine at the table

– How will the trend toward the de-formalisation of fine dining affect the future of Fine Wine?
– What will future sommeliers look like? What will they be looking for when building their list?
– By 2020, 50% of British meals will be eaten outside of the home. What will this mean for Fine Wine?

Roundtable 4: The wine merchant of tomorrow

– Will Fine Wine and its rituals become less sacred in the future and change the way a new generation of buyers/drinkers are connected?
-How will Fine Wine adapt to a new generation of tastemakers? How can it speak to them and engage with new palates?
– What tools, devices and languages are the wine merchants of tomorrow likely to use to keep on selling wines?

Roundtable 5: The bigger picture

– How are the recent changes in the US likely to impact the geopolitical balance of power? What are Russia’s interests in response to these changes? What are some of the most likely scenarios for the many elections about to affect Europe?
– What are the next seismic economic shifts likely to be?
– Which large wine regions are likely to be most affected, and how?

Roundtable 6: Humanity, community and Fine Wine

– What can wine bring to future generations? How are they likely to define Fine Wine? – Is Fine Wine likely to preserve its place as a bastion of high culture?
– Can Fine Wine help to connect generations and cultures that are growing apart?

Roundtable 7: Working along the revolution in tech

– Nano-drones, electric cars, and robots on our streets, as well as on and soon in our bodies — what’s next for tech? – How will tradition and terroir work in the world of IoE (the Internet of Everything) and connected bodies?

Roundtable 8: Beyond Bling

– How can Fine Wine grasp all the opportunities behind the trends toward smart luxury and eco-luxury? – Meaning, values and stories: the new luxury?
– Design, fashion, cosmetics, automobiles: how do/will they react to the shift in luxury trends?

Roundtable 9: Fine Wine, Investment and asset management

– From wineries to Fine Wine bottles, who will be the investors of tomorrow? How will their role impact the Fine Wine production cycle?
– Which world region will be attracting the main investment?
– Will the new generation consider Fine Wine as an investment and a worthy inheritance?
– How will they integrate Fine Wine in their asset portfolio?