Topics for discussion include:

Technology and Fine Wine

Transformative business and financing models

Engaging empowered customers

The role of the Fine Wine in society

The choices that face forward-thinking Fine Wine makers

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New consumer equation, FM4FW Global Event Report 2017

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Members and contributors

The following Fine Minds are currently or have contributed to the discussions:

Alexander Batchvarov
His Excellency Alexander Iakovenko
Amelia Singer
Andrew Caillard MW
Andy Abramson
Ann Vermeersch
Anne Mc Elvoy
Berenice Galand
Cathy Huyghe
Christian Holthausen
Clive Barlow MW
Dale Robertson
Didier Robert
Dr Pippa Malgrem
Elin McCoy
Elizabeth Linder
Evan Bakke
Felicity Carter
Gérard Basset MS MW OBE
Gilles Durand-Daguin

James Wood
Jancis Robinson MW OBE
Jean-Pierre Durand
Jolana Vainio
Jules Chappell OBE
Jules Lamon
Karina Robinson
Laurence Hugou
Louise Hurren
Lulie Halstead
Manuel Louzada
Mariana Haseldine
Mariko Kodaki
Michael Dobbs-Higginson
Michel Bettane
Michel Veyrier
Minter Dial
Nicholas Lander
Nicole Sierra Rolet
Dr Orsi Szentkiralyi

Petri Vainio
Dr Pippa Malgrem
Philippe Cambie
Robert Joseph
Dr Robin Niblett
Sarah Jane Evans MW
Serge Mouriesse
Steven Spurrier
Trisha de Borchgrave
Thibault Pontallier
Thomas Oui
Valérie Westrelin
Augustin Coulon
Victor Coulon
Vincent Avril
Walter Mc Kinlay
Xavier Rolet KBE
Zelma Long

Decision-makers only

14 different nationalities

10 Ecosystems

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Aged from 27 to 82 year old

18 fields of expertise

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